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Because of its unique , effective, fun, easy to absorb and pick up modern education method that developed over 30 years of music teaching experiences by group of professional musicians and teachers.
Yielded best and positive lessons experience through various music courses & programmes available, catering whether for music amateur or leisure alike , serious grade examinations and professional live performances.

What We Do

Your One Stop Solution For :


One Stop musical insruments/sound systems/music books/music accesories shop retailer.

Music Education

Leisure and professional music educations

Recording Studio

recording vocals/ band performance/solo instruments performance etc

Live Band & Events

Live gig/event/entertainment music band performance for various event/corporate functions.

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With our experience & professional teachers in various instruments field, you will be able to find your favorite classes to enroll in. Inquire today for your free trial lesson today! 🙂


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