Live Harmony Music

Our History

Founded in the heart of Johor Bahru in 2010 with > 30 years experienced professional musician/teacher family couple and sons (2 generation), Live Harmony Music is a music school built on the idea that music is a positive lifestyle opening up many positive growth of human aspects on daily life and should be taught in the most creative , fun and effective environment, and produces true dynamic professional live music performers in various instruments field of studies discipline, besides technical and theory knowledge of music acquired.

Ever since its inception and operation, LHM has built many confidents into many students music performer of all ages, pre-school, primary, secondary , colleges and adult alike (working/retired) from ground to live performing musicians! Students are much encourage capable of interpret true live music performances besides accomplished/score well in music grading exams. What a true life fulfillment of individual achievers through studies and playing of good music !

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