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Keyboard Course

Keyboard- Leisure Performance
If you are interested in learning to play the keyboard, our curriculum allows you to learn and master the right skills in a structured manner to performance all your favourite songs and wider range of music repertoire.

Keyboard Performer Exposure
Furthermore, our curriculum provides performance events time to time for you to participate and improve your keyboard playing enjoyment, performance confidence and abilities.

Course Info

Keyboard lessons at Live Harmony Music are designed to teach students of all ages from beginner to advance intermediate level.

1 To 1 Class

  • Available for all ages
  • 1 hour per class
  • 1 class per week

Group Class

  • Group Class for Piano Course is not available


  • Pencil/Pen To Take Notes
  • Keyboard –  in order to be able to practice what you have learned.

What You Will Learn ?

  1. Note Names (Black Keys & White Keys)
  2. Sharps & Flats
  3. Scales
  4. Chords
  5. Reading Chorded Sheet Music
  6. Many facets of the keyboard that will help you achieve your personal music goals.

  7. Get you started on the right path of learning how to approach the keyboard/piano correctly

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