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Violin Class

Violin- Graded Exams
Our unique violin curriculum not only complements the ABRSM and Trinity syllabus, it would enable you to achieve up to Grade 8 more quickly without having the pressure of taking external exams at each grade. We believe this can increase your interest in music and reduce exam stress.

Violin- Leisure Performance
If you are interested in learning to play the violin only but not taking ABRSM or Trinity exams, our curriculum allows you to learn and master the right skills in a structured manner to performance all your favourite songs and wider range of music repertoire.

Violin Performer Exposure
Furthermore, our curriculum provides performance events time to time for you to participate and improve your violin playing enjoyment, performance confidence and abilities.

Course Info

Violin lessons at Live Harmony Music are designed to teach students of all ages from beginner to diploma level.You can learn to master violin through one-to-one lessons or in an ensemble setting where you will learn about teamwork and foster close friendships with fellow students.

1 To 1 Class

  • Available for all ages
  • 1 hour per class
  • 1 class per week

Group Class

  • Violin group class is not available


  • You can be a beginner – No skills required
  • You will need a violin and a bow
  • Practice is key – the more you practice the better you will be

What You Will Learn ?

  1. Have an indepth understanding on how to play the violin from scratch

  2. Learn how to hold bow, how to hold the violin, how to use your shoulder rest and rosin

  3. Working with the bow

  4. Tuing the Violin

  5. Prescale exercises and scales

  6. Whole scale exercises

  7. Fine Motor Skills exercises

  8. Terminology

  9. Bowing Techinques

  10. Reading Music

  11. You will be able to learn how to self study and continue on with your playing after taking this course


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